Things I Would Be Quite Surprised To Learn You Don’t Own Already

August 18, 2019

An Amazon Fire Stick, because if you’re still paying for cable in 2020…maybe don’t! The Fire Stick makes *any* TV a smart TV and gives you easy access to all one million of your subscription services.

vitamin C serum that’s the perfect catch-all product for anyone trying to lessen dark circles, sun spots, redness, and breakouts. A wonderful pick for anyone just starting out on their skincare ~journey~.

A set of packing cubes to transform your luggage from a tornado/dumpster combo into a well-organized Mary Poppins bag. These turned me from the messiest packer into the most pristine packer, and I genuinely believe anyone who takes even one trip a year should own them.

Blue light-blocking glasses that’ll help reduce the eye strain you feel after being on the computer for eight hours during the work day. Ending the day without that fatigue and fogginess? Miraculous.

Squatty Potty, because *THIS JUST IN* it really does help you poop better! Not to get too much into your business, but if even 1% of you wants to try one, just get it. I did and never looked back!

soft headband for holding your hair back while you wash your face and apply your skincare products. Life’s better with dry bangs and a moisturized face.

A tube of Crest charcoal toothpaste that’ll help you skip expensive treatments and simply brush, brush, brush your way to a brighter smile.