De-Stressing Gifts That’ll Make Everyone On Your List Chill The Heck Out

October 12, 2018

This natural pillow spray that’s infused with vetiver, chamomile, and lavender — three natural ingredients that have been used for centuries to induce deeper, more restful sleep.

This elegant hand-blown nebulizer that’ll atomize pure essential oils into micro-fine particles that distribute quickly and evenly, even in large rooms! That means there’s no water to grow mould or get musty (less mould = less cleaning = less stress!).

These noise-cancelling headphones will be the best (and fanciest) way of literally blocking out all stress. With three levels of sound cancellation technology, they’ll have everyone saying, “Construction noise while I’m writing on a deadline WHO?”

This state-of-the-art meditation headband that’s like having a personal meditation guide. Using a bunch of sensors, it measures brain activity and customizes nature sounds to fit. A calm mind might result in soft rainfall, while an active mind could cause thunderstorms or roaring waves.

These epsom salts that are scented with natural lavender essential oils for maximum relaxation. They also help with sore muscles and skin exfoliation, and are even said to aid with sleep!

This set of stress balls that’ll make a great stocking stuffer! Each one has a different resistance level for progressive training. They’ll help build stronger fingers, hands, and forearms while working out tension.